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Résidence de vacances | Bagnères-de-Luchon | Résidence Bavara

Professional area

managers, give your teams some air, professionals, give yourself a breather

hosting and development
in Bagneres-de-luchon for professionals 

Changing settings, catching your breath, bringing your teams together, meeting up, gaining altitude, thinking from a distance  of everyday life, combining work and relaxation in a close circle... everyone can find something for themselves...


Our organizational experience and our knowledge of the mountains,  will be your allies to make your gathering a memorable and motivating event for your teams.


With a capacity of up to 20 people divided into 5 apartments and 10 rooms,

Bavara will be able to provide you with friendly reception and living conditions as well as the necessary support, so that this experience is combined with development...

Start up, self-employed, employees, alone or with others, you will be able to combine professional efficiency and well-being, integrate the pleasure of the great outdoors and wide open spaces into your professional life during your telework stay in Luchon .
Find your balance, your freedom of action and discover another way of life 
A few days a week, a few weeks a month… Reinvent your working conditions, towards an alternative organization! 

You are a Training Organization, Manager, HRD, Consultant, Coach, Health Professional, 

You wish to organize your gathering in an autonomous and independent way,  create the conditions for a friendly and effective collaboration and

promote the development of confidence, creativity and performance...  


From a simple one-day meeting to a residential seminar,  you will have at your convenience a
modular space and a

à la carte organizational support.

Leaders, Managers, you want to approach the development of your teams differently, 
Live a
  learning expedition  tailor-made or on a theme defined with experienced high mountain guides, relying on the professionalism of  Mountain-Path  

For a weekend or over several days, these "expeditions" allow you to live new collective experiences that can be transposed to the daily managerial life of the company by addressing themes such as:  decide in uncertainty,  learn how to better manage crises,

  perceive and reduce risks, strengthen leadership, overcome fears and listen to emotions, build trust within the rope...

​​ You are a sports trainer and want to bring your team together for a few days

to prepare or end your season...   


You can enjoy the sports facilities

and well-being of Luchon as well as  

wide open spaces at high altitude. 
Trailers, Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, Hikers, Climbers, Golfers, Tennisman, Paragliders, Pilots...

a great opportunity to discover new sensations...

You are a Teacher-Coach in the artistic field (Singing, Music, Theatre, Cinema, Photo, Painting...  

and want to bring your "learners" together  in a comfortable resort for a few days .


You will benefit from all the resources offered by Luchon and will be able to combine your art with the discovery of a  inspiring mountain environment...

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